Definition of versal in English:



  • Relating to a style of ornate capital letter used to start a verse, paragraph, etc., in a manuscript, typically built up by inking between pen strokes and with long, rather flat serifs.


  • A versal letter.

    • ‘Use versals in the beginning of a sentence, use punctuation, and commas where appropriate.’
    • ‘Come see how she has rendered these vibrant contemporary versals, and welcome her to our Guild.’
    • ‘Versals were large letters used at the beginning of verses and paragraphs, and they came to be called versals.’
    • ‘The fine lines around the versals on this page were also the doing of the illuminator.’
    • ‘Many of the versals are made with a quill pen and red and blue ink instead of a brush.’


Late 19th century: from Latin vers- ‘turned’ + -al, influenced by verse.