Definition of vernier in English:



  • A small movable graduated scale for obtaining fractional parts of subdivisions on a fixed main scale of a barometer, sextant, or other measuring instrument.

    • ‘Baldwin soule-type vernier and home made spirit level sights are recent additions.’
    • ‘The vernier callipers I guess would do a very fine measurement, down to a millimetre or perhaps less.’
    • ‘Hyalites, flight-type Mobile Suits, had been manufactured for speed and thus had more verniers than the standard Arcos suit.’
    • ‘The presence of the ladder sight complicates the use of the vernier, especially at close ranges.’
    • ‘Models range from match-grade vernier tang and windgauge front sights, to open, sporting tang, and globe front sights for hunting.’
    • ‘To measure the axial deformation, Bishop and Henkel used a vernier telescope, which was focused on top of the steel ball.’
    • ‘The vernier rear sight is of the ‘Soule’ pattern, meaning the elevation staff rides on a windage adjustable drum.’
    • ‘He designed a simple device similar to that of the modern vernier for increase in the accuracy of measuring lengths.’
    • ‘The apprentice class of 1995-1999 were presented with inscribed verniers and their certificates to mark their graduation.’
    • ‘Root diameters at these positions along the roots were then measured using a vernier microscope.’
    • ‘I chose instead to employ the vernier tang sight, and for me, this is the jewel of the No.2's sighting system.’
    • ‘In contrast, oriented lines, contrast information, and vernier offsets show a slight decay for such time intervals.’


Mid 18th century: named after Pierre Vernier (1580–1637), French mathematician.