Definition of vermin fence in English:

vermin fence

(also vermin-proof fence)


  • A fence erected to prevent damage to land, crops, and livestock by rabbits, dingoes, and other animals classified as vermin.

    ‘it was believed that the solution to the 'rabbit menace' was to be found in a vermin fence’
    • ‘Long stretches of vermin-proof fences have been erected in an effort to control emu movements.’
    • ‘The plane followed the path of a vermin fence that had been erected to stop emus and goats drifting down from the desert country into southern farmland.’
    • ‘Pastoralists fear that cuts to the maintenance of the number one vermin fence could see wild dog numbers explode.’
    • ‘A farmer has ridiculed claims over culling emus along the vermin fence.’
    • ‘Vermin proof fences produce dramatic, sharp color changes between the natural and forested landscapes versus the lighter colored range lands and agricultural fields.’
    • ‘A Regional Forces Surveillance Vehicle follows the vermin-proof fence to get to the patrol observation post.’
    • ‘I soon found vermin were attacking and killing the young so I had to bring the birds inside while we set about building a vermin-proof fence.’
    • ‘He erected huge vermin-proof fences to fend off predatory cats and foxes as he began restocking his first sanctuary with rare wildlife.’
    • ‘The aim was to round up the goats and herd them towards the vermin fence, where they were corralled.’
    • ‘Rain has come to the rescue of up to 60,000 panicky emus massing along a vermin fence in the outback of western Australia.’