Definition of vermiculture in English:



mass noun
  • The cultivation of earthworms, especially in order to use them to convert organic waste into fertilizer.

    • ‘‘To visit such a large scale vermiculture operation gives the students exposure to positive actions that can benefit farming practices and our soils,’ he said.’
    • ‘The entire organic waste generated within the park will be composted through vermiculture and reused as manure.’
    • ‘Sewage and water treatment plants, biogas units and vermiculture pits ensure that even waste is used to enrich the environment rather than destroy it.’
    • ‘This site provides lots of free how-to advice on vermiculture and links to many other gardening resources.’
    • ‘Although vermiculture and vermicomposting offer potential new markets for farmers, they take time to develop and require a strong commitment, experts say.’
    • ‘Sericulture and vermiculture aspects were part of the display.’