Definition of vermicide in English:



  • A substance that is poisonous to worms.

    • ‘Some vermicides are poisonous to people as well as the parasites.’
    • ‘Manures, for example, from horses, cattle or dogs often have vermicides still active in it that were designed to kill parasitic worms in the animal.’
    • ‘Pesticides (herbicides, vermicides, fungicides, and rodenticides) are poisons designed to kill insects, plants, fungi, moulds and rodents.’
    • ‘Watermelon seeds are also good vermicides, and have long been a popular remedy for worms.’
    • ‘Many of these are also vermicides and vermifuges.’
    • ‘No other herb is as potent an egg vermicide as cloves are, according to US Pharmacopoeia.’
    • ‘Black walnut green hull contains several potent chemicals, strong herbicides, fungicides, vermicides, including Juglon.’
    • ‘A more promising solution for both bowling greens and golf courses is the use of vermicides and/or insecticides.’
    • ‘The good news is that there are products that are not sold specifically as vermicides, but do reduce the worm population.’