Definition of verligte in English:


(also verlig)


South African
  • Progressive or enlightened, especially as regards apartheid.

    ‘he was an Afrikaner of liberal inclinations and verligte views’
    • ‘The message was relayed to me over a cup of tea in Parliament's members' lounge by FW's henchmen, both from not too verligte backgrounds.’
    • ‘The Broederbond's reformist agenda had been confirmed by the election of de Lange, verligte author of the 1981 education report, as chairman in 1983.’


South African
  • A person holding progressive and enlightened views.

    • ‘The Afrikaans lobby groups are immensely varied and powerful - from radical, right-wing campaigners to verligte, non-racial fighters.’
    • ‘The founding of the party was preceded by a bitter power struggle between the verkramptes and the verligtes in the Afrikaner community.’


Afrikaans, literally ‘enlightened’.