Definition of Venus's girdle in English:

Venus's girdle


  • A large, almost transparent comb jelly with a flattened ribbon-like body, living chiefly in warmer seas.

    Genus Cestum, phylum Ctenophora

    • ‘Approximately 2 to 5 inches wide, warty comb jellies range from Florida through the West Indies and are also known as sea gooseberries or Venus's girdles.’
    • ‘He was mesmerized by a Venus's girdle, a diaphanous bit of jelly sparking tiny rainbows amid its vibrating rows of cilia.’
    • ‘Many comb jellies are round, like small grapes, but the Venus's girdle is very long and flat, and looks like a belt.’
    • ‘‘The creature is named Venus's girdle,’ Neptune whispered and this so delighted me that I burst out laughing.’