Definition of venturi in English:


nounPlural venturis

  • A short piece of narrow tube between wider sections for measuring flow rate or exerting suction.

    • ‘The accelerator pump, under rapid acceleration, ejaculates its charge of raw fuel through the discharge nozzles directly into the venturi.’
    • ‘The carburetor, throttle plate and venturi are examined.’
    • ‘With a suitable modification the apparatus may be used with a venturi tube for distillation under reduced pressure.’
    • ‘The pellets then pass through a venturi chamber.’
    • ‘All the additives tested were sprayed with a conventional nozzle (XR TeeJet) and a venturi style nozzle (Air Induction TeeJet).’
    • ‘The venturi type nozzle produces large air-filled drops through the use of a venturi air aspirator for reducing drift.’
    • ‘For the Demon, engineers developed a patented, contoured air entry that directed incoming air into the venturi bores with minimal turbulence.’
    • ‘These factors predispose to collapse, enhanced by airflow venturi effect, hence resulting in OSA.’
    • ‘They have patented an interface for APCI-MS that uses a venturi pump to sample air from the nose, mouth or headspace above a food.’
    • ‘A 2-way mouthpiece with valves was connected to the venturi, thus allowing the subject to inhale ambient air and to exhale into the venturi.’
    • ‘When the pressure in the venturi is lower than the atmospheric pressure, the gasoline in the float bowl enters the airstream going into the engine.’


Late 19th century: named after Giovanni B. Venturi (1746–1822), Italian physicist.