Definition of venous in English:



  • Relating to a vein or the veins.

    • ‘He had a raised jugular venous pressure and heard crackles at the base of both lungs.’
    • ‘A venous Doppler study confirmed venous thrombosis of the deep femoral vein.’
    • ‘They play an important part in the venous drainage of subcutaneous veins.’
    • ‘Soon after, laboratory blood tests found that venous glucose concentration was only 1.2 mmol/l.’
    • ‘There was no jugular venous distension, murmur, rub, gallop, thrill, or heave.’
    • ‘Restricted space in most seats encourages musculoskeletal aches and venous stasis.’
    • ‘Arterial and venous endothelial cells are molecularly distinct from the earliest stages of angiogenesis.’
    • ‘They were also tested for the common gene mutations that predispose to venous thromboembolism.’
    • ‘The authors conclude that venous ulcers are a common and costly problem.’
    • ‘The increase is probably due to raised venous pressure from jugular vein constriction.’
    • ‘Two of the most common manifestations of venous insufficiency are varicose veins and hemorrhoids.’
    • ‘The standard technique for placing central venous catheters is by using anatomical landmarks.’
    • ‘The confluences of the venous sinuses of the dura mater are variable.’
    • ‘The ink was all in the muscle, or in some cases had tracked into the vertebral venous plexuses.’
    • ‘Brain parenchyma from the parietal lobe showed venous congestion, hemorrhage, and diffuse edema.’
    • ‘Sounds arising from venous flow in the abdomen, called venous hums, are uncommon.’
    • ‘A patient with advanced right heart failure will have jugular venous distension, edema and ascites.’
    • ‘Check the lower extremities for edema and any signs suggestive of deep venous thrombosis.’
    • ‘Right jugular venous distension was less than 4 cm above the sternal angle.’
    • ‘Once the wound occurs, the high venous pressure and resulting edema interferes with healing.’


Early 17th century: from Latin venosus ‘having many veins’, from vena ‘vein’.