Definition of Venezuelan in English:



  • Relating to Venezuela or its people.

    • ‘Around sixth grade or so, I learned a lot about West African and Venezuelan harp music.’
    • ‘The Venezuelan public telecommunications market has been growing five per cent each year during the last three years.’
    • ‘Power dressing the Venezuelan way means the tighter the better.’
    • ‘Oil accounts for half the Venezuelan government's revenue.’
    • ‘Chapter 8 is a story about a modern film actor on location in the Venezuelan jungle.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Venezuela, or a person of Venezuelan descent.

    • ‘As they look at new conductors for the reopening of the Royal Festival Hall, one of the contenders is the explosive Venezuelan, Gustavo Dudamel.’
    • ‘Venezuelans want him to start delivering on his economic promises.’
    • Virginia, first performed in Caracas, is the first opera composed by a native Venezuelan.’
    • ‘As a Venezuelan, my mother tongue is Spanish.’
    • ‘The 19-year-old Venezuelan impressed many with his performance at spring training.’