Definition of Venetian glass in English:

Venetian glass


  • another term for Murano glass
    • ‘It is the first exhibition in the United States devoted entirely to this period of Venetian glass.’
    • ‘Finally, visitors get to see the missing link in the Pilchuck Glass School story: Venetian glass in all its glory and influence.’
    • ‘The myth that nineteenth-century Venetian glass consists of little more than dreary reproductions of earlier work has finally been dispelled.’
    • ‘Few of the artists here are interested in transparency or the whorls and rococo twists of Venetian glass.’
    • ‘Last year's Artists in Glass Festival attracted over 300,000 people to view €2 million-worth of Venetian glass exhibited throughout the city.’
    • ‘At the Gardner museum I was hoping to find sea creatures made of blown Venetian glass that I'd seen pictures of, but no luck.’
    • ‘Silver was most commonly used for wine drinking vessels until the Venetian glass industry burgeoned in the 16th century.’
    • ‘She worked with Venetian glass maestros at Gino Cenedese in Murano and created exquisite glass works, which were later entitled ‘Sacred Prism’.’
    • ‘Any notion of a preconceived speech fled my mind to join the shattered remnants of my Venetian glass lamp.’
    • ‘We wander in and out of shops selling intricate Venetian glass and elaborate Carnevale masks.’
    • ‘In France the royal family began to import Venetian glass in the fifteenth century.’
    • ‘It was carefully packed in foam peanuts and bubble wrap as if it were a delicate piece of Venetian glass.’
    • ‘The very cream of the finds are probably a medieval jug, plus a tiny sliver of engraved glass, thought to be medieval Venetian glass.’
    • ‘If their salaries are raised threefold, all their work should become as transparent as a Venetian glass.’
    • ‘Stanford's Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts has opened an exhibit of Venetian glass.’
    • ‘There is also a bronze sculpture of Alexander the Great, two busts of Napoleon, plus various pieces of Venetian glass.’
    • ‘She drank in the Venetian glass on the windows, the painted scenes of Christ, and the softness of the Church.’
    • ‘Murano satisfied their need with faithful reproductions of early Venetian glass, which were sold with great success in large shops called stabilimenti.’
    • ‘There is also a large handmade chandelier that was specially sculpted from Venetian glass and which is now suspended high in the rafters.’
    • ‘The fashion for the historical coincided with the revival of the Venetian glass industry in the 1840s.’