Definition of venereous in English:



  • 1Relating to sexual desire or sexual intercourse; venereal.

    ‘amber and civet are thought to further venereous appetite’
    • ‘This signifies the gratification of venereous desires.’
    • ‘Let the Nurse be sure to observe a Diet that is most proper for her milk, and may not corrupt it; and also to avoid all passions and venereous actions.’
    • ‘Venereous ulcers which are upon the yard are hard to cure.’
    • ‘There are some whose venereous and alcoholic cravings and whose craving for tobacco are very pronounced.’
    • ‘Dissolute Persons are wont to prepare themselves for venereous Acts by Bathing.’
    • ‘Heat and moisture are the parents of venereous desires.’
    sexually arousing, sexually exciting, sexually stimulating
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    1. 1.1 Addicted to sexual pleasure; lustful.
      ‘a boar so fierce and venereous’
      • ‘We have seen what a comparable operation did to Mr Lisle's venereous boar.’
      • ‘The Muscovites are extremely venereous.’
      • ‘There is no kind (man only excepted) that is so venereous and nimble in generation as is a Horse or Mare.’
      • ‘For many are less venereous, and not so hot, and do not with any great desire use copulation, but rather decline from it.’
      • ‘Lust consumes the life of the of the venereous man.’
    2. 1.2 Tending to arose sexual desire or excitement.
      ‘venereous herbs and fruits’
      • ‘As for thine eyes, shut them and turne them aside from these venereous Venetian obiects.’
      • ‘None of these plants was literally aphrodisiac – what Elizabethan herbalists called 'venereous' – but their seductive scents were more likely to stir Titania up than 'lull' her.’
      • ‘Their judgment was overclouded by some venereous fumes and vapors.’
      • ‘Mushrooms are a Venereous meat.’
      • ‘The book was venomous, and, indeed, venereous, and its narrative must be untrue, for no man could sustain all those "amours."’
      erotic, sexy, sexually arousing, stimulative, stimulant
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