Definition of veneration in English:



  • [mass noun] Great respect; reverence:

    ‘the traditional veneration of saints’
    • ‘They, therefore, offer worship and not mere veneration to it.’
    • ‘Adoration and veneration may be the stuff of religious vision.’
    • ‘They were not objects of respect and veneration; they became objects of mockery.’
    • ‘Just maybe we can confront our place with awe and admiration, respect and veneration.’
    • ‘What he possesses in spades is a respect that borders on veneration.’
    reverence, respect, worship, adoration, homage, exaltation, adulation, glorification, extolment, idolization, devotion
    honour, esteem, regard, high regard, praise
    respectfulness, worshipfulness, obeisance, submission, deference, awe
    laudation, magnification
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