Definition of vendange in English:



  • (in France) the grape harvest.

    • ‘The vendange - the picking of the grapes - was over, and we had been invited to a meal with the local butcher in Fleurie, a small town about the size of Kelso.’
    • ‘When les vendanges have been completed, the harvest is celebrated by individual wine producers, who throw lavish parties featuring local gastronomy such as foie gras and escargots.’
    • ‘The waiter had warned of slow traffic caused by the harvest trucks and he proved right: I was soon back in the ancient world of the vendange, with peasants and tractors clogging the winding byways as I crawled through Epernay.’
    • ‘Vintners are busy with an early vendange, the annual grape harvest that normally does not start until mid-September.’
    • ‘After a long, hot and indolent summer, Europe's winemakers enter a short period of frenetic activity, known in France as the vendange.’