Definition of velociraptor in English:



  • A small dromaeosaurid dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period.

    Genus Velociraptor, family Dromaeosauridae, suborder Theropoda

    • ‘In the Odeon cinema in Leicester square, children were enjoying a Jurassic park triple bill, willing the velociraptors to appear but terrified when they did.’
    • ‘Scientists still aren't clear, for example, whether the birds hunted in packs like velociraptors or individually like large predatory cats.’
    • ‘I've not seen such determined hunting in packs since the velociraptors in Jurassic Park.’
    • ‘Most predatory dinosaurs such as tyrannosaurs and velociraptors have usually been depicted in museums, films and books as covered in a thick hide of dull brown or green skin.’
    • ‘Some researchers have suggested that Archaeopteryx could in fact be the ancestor of a group of dinosaurs that includes velociraptors, made famous by Jurassic Park.’


Modern Latin, from Latin velox, veloc- ‘swift’ + raptor.