Definition of veilless in English:



  • See veil

    • ‘Others, clad in stylish jeans and leather jackets stand in front of the stage, drinking bootleg liquor and swaying to the music along with their veilless girlfriends.’
    • ‘I prefer to think of the dark moon as being veilless - tho I have heard that it is the full moon who is veilless.’
    • ‘While it may be OK for her to go veilless in front of kids, there are other adults at a school, and it makes more sense for her to keep it on all the time then to dive for it every time the classroom door opens.’
    • ‘Those hoodless and veilless are bald or white haired, to a woman, to a man.’
    • ‘Three women who were caught veilless were bound to stakes and exposed to a pious mob which threw stones until the women died.’