Definition of vehemence in English:



mass noun
  • Great forcefulness or intensity of feeling or expression.

    ‘the vehemence of his reaction’
    • ‘Although the content of these responses was not surprising to us, the vehemence with which they were expressed was.’
    • ‘I was surprised and a little embarrassed at my own vehemence, but reactions to Chomsky do tend toward the passionate.’
    • ‘However, what is alarming is the vehemence with which a lot of the protestors expressed their views.’
    • ‘Even Bernhard was taken aback by the vehemence of the response.’
    • ‘It was a measure of her political intelligence that, despite the vehemence with which she expressed her views, she remained one of her party's stars.’
    passion, force, forcefulness, ardour, fervour, spirit, spiritedness, urgency, strength, forcibleness, emphasis, vigour, intensity, violence, earnestness, eagerness, keenness, enthusiasm, zeal, zealousness, fanaticism
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