Definition of vegetatively in English:



  • See vegetative

    • ‘Very little fluorescence, if any, was detected in both transformants when they were vegetatively growing, as was consistent with the results of Northern blot analysis.’
    • ‘The presence of a self-incompatibility mechanism and its inability to reproduce vegetatively makes Trillium grandiflorum reproduction dependent on pollinator activity.’
    • ‘Despite little reproduction by seed, N. antarctica plays an important role in the post-fire restoration of plant communities because of its ability to regenerate vegetatively from burned stumps by coppice and root suckers.’
    • ‘The petunias I wrote about last week were all propagated vegetatively, from cuttings or by tissue culture.’
    • ‘Because Chlamydomonas is a multiple-fission alga, a cell that is growing vegetatively may yield daily two or more daughter cells, all of which need to be incapacitated by UV treatment to prevent colony formation.’