Definition of vegetable sheep in English:

vegetable sheep


  • A New Zealand plant of the daisy family, which has greyish hairy leaves and forms hummocks which look like sheep from a distance.

    Raoulia eximia, family Compositae

    • ‘Vegetation is sparse above 1700 m, though various species of vegetable sheep thrive, and South Island edelweiss, gentians and hebes grow in sheltered spots.’
    • ‘The vegetable sheep are not inaptly named, for at a distance an inexperienced shepherd might perhaps be misled.’
    • ‘A mat plant related to this vegetable sheep grows in very dry places.’
    • ‘Above 1500m in the Southern Alps, the only plants that can survive are mosses and lichens - and the aptly named vegetable sheep.’
    • ‘The ridge is broad, flat, and speckled with vegetable sheep and half a dozen brightly coloured alpine plants I can't put a name to.’