Definition of veena in English:


(also vina)


  • An Indian stringed instrument, with four main and three auxiliary strings. The southern type has a lute-like body; the older northern type has a tubular body and a gourd fitted to each end as a resonator.

    • ‘Earlier, three guitars, a bass, lead and rhythm guitars, at least 20 violins, a sitar, veena, flute and four sets of tabla were invariably used for recording a song.’
    • ‘So immediately they took their vinas and started singing.’
    • ‘Carnatic music, the classical music of south India, commonly employs such musical instruments as the veena, a stringed instrument, and a range of violins.’
    • ‘Then came the fusion band Esperanto, who had a veena, mandolin, flute, and assorted percussion instruments and guitars.’
    • ‘Supporting the vocals were musicians on the veena, violin, keyboard, flute, mridangam and flute.’


Sanskrit vīṇā.