Definition of vedalia beetle in English:

vedalia beetle


  • An Australian ladybird which has been introduced into California and elsewhere to control scale insects.

    Rodolia cardinalis, family Coccinellidae

    • ‘Researchers raised vedalia beetles to use in orchards that had outbreaks of cottony cushion scale.’
    • ‘When vedalia beetles arrive in an orchard they can clean up a nasty problem in 4-6 weeks.’
    • ‘The importation of the vedalia beetle was the beginning of the modern era of biological control.’
    • ‘Orange and lemon growers credit the Australian vedalia beetle with saving the California citrus industry more than 100 years ago.’
    • ‘In less than a year the vedalia beetle eliminated the pest, and a standard for biological control was established.’


Late 19th century: modern Latin Vedalia (former genus name), of unknown origin.


vedalia beetle