Definition of vectorization in English:


(also vectorisation)


  • See vector

    vector (sense 1 of the noun)
    • ‘When intra-register vectorization for the Pentium 4 processor is enabled (switch xW), the performance goes up to 1,292 MFLOPS, boosting the performance by about 20%.’
    • ‘The Pro version includes a dictionary to spell-check vectorized text, batch vectorization, color vector conversion, trainable optical character recognition, and a command-line interface.’
    • ‘Applications software took a similar amount of time to be adapted to vector machines (for example, by restructuring loops and adding directives to facilitate automatic vectorization of the code by the compiler).’
    • ‘The compilers also have enhanced optimisation features from earlier releases, including interprocedural optimisation, vectorisation, and profile-guided optimisation.’
    • ‘Compilers for clusters have a much shorter history of development and are much less mature, even when they use vectorization technology.’