Definition of vector processor in English:

vector processor


  • A processor that is able to process sequences of data with a single instruction.

    • ‘A vector processor is a fancy name for a specialized computer that does floating point math very fast, and being a specialized machine for a relatively tiny market, vector processors had to be expensive by definition.’
    • ‘Whether a machine has a vector processor, a scalar processor, or a multithreaded processor is a secondary issue.’
    • ‘The commercial viability of traditional supercomputing architectures with vector processors and high-bandwidth memory subsystems is problematic.’
    • ‘The high-speed vector processors of the late 1970s and early 1980s led to orders of magnitude improvement in the speed of computation and led to production models of several hundred thousand cells.’
    • ‘A dedicated 16-way vector processor enables smooth playback of HD video with minimal CPU usage.’