Definition of VBAC in English:



  • A vaginal birth by a woman who has undergone a caesarean section in a previous pregnancy.

    ‘a doctor will determine if a woman who had a previous C-section is eligible for a VBAC’
    mass noun ‘low transverse incisions make VBAC safer’
    as modifier ‘VBAC deliveries’
    • ‘The safety of VBAC has been the subject of intense scrutiny.’
    • ‘Statistically, VBACs with low-segment scars are considered low-risk.’
    • ‘The patient told him she wished to abandon her plan for VBAC and undergo another C-section.’
    • ‘There was a high rate of successful VBAC in this study.’
    • ‘Parents sign a detailed form stating that they fully understand the risks that can occur with a VBAC.’
    • ‘It was an attempted VBAC.’
    • ‘When I got pregnant again I asked about a VBAC.’
    • ‘I am told that by the time I have my baby, it is likely that VBACs will not be permitted any longer at the hospital nearest to our home.’
    • ‘Some hospitals are no longer offering VBAC service.’


1980s: abbreviation of vaginal birth after caesarean.