Definition of vasomotor in English:



  • 1attributive Causing or relating to the constriction or dilatation of blood vessels.

    ‘vasomotor effects’
    • ‘Nonallergic rhinitis, also called vasomotor rhinitis, is a condition in which the lining of your nose tends to swell due to the blood vessels expanding.’
    • ‘Estrogen was the most consistently effective intervention for vasomotor symptoms.’
    • ‘The authors conclude that 100 mg per day of isoflavone effectively relieved menopausal symptoms, especially vasomotor instability.’
    • ‘One study found that approximately 25 percent of menstruating women in midlife reported vasomotor symptoms before they had skipped one or several periods.’
    • ‘Dietary phytoestrogens, found in soya bean and linseed, are thought to help relieve vasomotor menopausal symptoms.’
    1. 1.1 Denoting a region in the medulla of the brain (the vasomotor centre) which regulates blood pressure by controlling reflex alterations in the heart rate and the diameter of the blood vessels, in response to stimuli from receptors in the circulatory system or from other parts of the brain.
      • ‘As a central nervous system depressant, black cohosh directly inhibits vasomotor centers involved with inner ear balance and hearing.’
      • ‘The alkaloids stimulated the vasomotor and respiratory centers in the brain stem of dogs.’
      • ‘Emesis may result from stimulation of the vasomotor and vomiting centers.’