Definition of vasoconstrictive in English:



  • See vasoconstriction

    • ‘The venom has vasoconstrictive properties that can lead to cyanosis and necrosis, with poor wound healing and infection.’
    • ‘In hypoxia also, they initiate vasoconstrictive reflexes which act to maintain the arterial blood pressure.’
    • ‘Because of its vasoconstrictive properties, sumatriptan should be avoided in patients with known coronary artery disease or Prinzmetal's variant angina.’
    • ‘Yet in patients with septic shock, vasopressin has strong vasoconstrictive effects, demonstrated in several studies by an increased MAP and systemic vascular resistance.’
    • ‘Epinephrine's vasoconstrictive properties can be a problem if extravasation into tissue occurs, and may result in skin necrosis.’