Definition of vascular plant in English:

vascular plant


  • A plant that is characterized by the presence of conducting tissue.

    Subkingdom Tracheophyta: divisions Pteridophyta (ferns, horsetails, and clubmosses) and Spermatophyta (cycads, conifers, and flowering plants)

    • ‘Lignin formation is an essential part of the development of xylem tissue in vascular plants.’
    • ‘In vascular plants, xylem conduits form the major path for water transport from roots to leaves.’
    • ‘Both seed plants and ferns are vascular plants, having conducting tissue in their steins.’
    • ‘Lignin is of course essential for the life of vascular plants and is also very useful to humankind, for example in wood.’
    • ‘Plants were collected with flower or fruit, with the exception of seedless vascular plants, which were collected with sporangia.’