Definition of vas in English:


nounPlural vasa

  • A vessel or duct.

    • ‘It may be joined by a vas aberrans from the brachial or axillary artery.’
    • ‘However, aortic dissection associated with vasculitis of the vasa vasorum in SLE is extraordinarily rare.’
    • ‘The medulla, supplied by vasa recta, receives less blood than the kidney cortex.’
    • ‘Microangiopathy of the vasa nervorum (ie, small arteries located in the outer and middle coats of the larger arteries and veins) develop and impair normal blood flow.’
    • ‘Dissection begins as an intramural hematoma arising from ruptured vasa vasorum.’
    tube, channel, passage, canal, vessel
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Late 16th century: from Latin, literally ‘vessel’.