Definition of Variscan in English:



  • another term for Hercynian
    • ‘During Variscan orogenesis further deformation and magmatism affected the North Armorican Massif.’
    • ‘Throughout the Sudetes, and perhaps the Variscan belt, Early Palaeozoic granitic magmatism caused deformation, possibly on a batholithic scale.’
    • ‘In the late Carboniferous the northern Variscan foreland was situated just north of the Equator, and strong trade winds occurred in the equatorial belt.’
    • ‘The northern part of the Iberian Variscan belt forms the central zone of the Ibero-Armorican arc, an arched belt of several stacked thrust units.’
    • ‘The sandstones deposited differ from all the earlier sandstones in that they contain low-grade metamorphic debris derived from the Variscan orogenic belt.’


Early 20th century: from Latin Varisci (the name of a Germanic tribe) + -an.