Definition of varioloid in English:



  • Resembling smallpox.

    • ‘There was nothing to mark these cases decisively as varioloid.’


mass nounMedicine
  • A mild form of smallpox affecting people who have already had the disease or have been vaccinated against it.

    • ‘In early 1863, several cases of varioloid broke out among the camp.’
    • ‘In the autumn of 1863, Lincoln's physician told him that he was suffering from varioloid, a mild form of smallpox.’
    • ‘In case of smallpox or varioloid take the remedy in water one teaspoonful every two or three hours till recovery.’
    • ‘This is true, as a rule, of measles, scarlet fever, whooping-cough, small-pox, and varioloid.’
    • ‘A couple of hours later the city health officer called on my patient and diagnosed it as varioloid and much to the patient's disgust, removed him to the city pest-house.’