Definition of variate in English:



  • A quantity having a numerical value for each member of a group, especially one whose values occur according to a frequency distribution.

    • ‘In the second step these probabilities are used as independent variates in a model to analyze the phenotypic data.’
    • ‘Here, one could introduce latent variables, such as the typical liability variate of quantitative genetics, and then model feedback or recursiveness at that level.’
    • ‘Hence, this study standardized all cluster variates to a mean of zero and standard deviation of one.’
    • ‘All variates were analysed using the SYSTAT or the Genstat statistical packages.’
    • ‘An important consequence of these three points is that the information has to be concentrated in a small number of patterns or variates.’


Late 19th century: from Latin variatus ‘diversified’, past participle of variare (see vary).