Definition of vapourer in English:


(also vapourer moth)


  • A day-flying tussock moth, the female of which is wingless and lays eggs on the cocoon from which she emerged.

    Genus Orgyia, family Lymantriidae: several species, in particular O. antiqua, which is often seen in towns

    • ‘A few types of insects live on red maples, including weevils, buff-tip moths, and vapourer moths.’
    • ‘Its only taken a week for this vapourer moth larva to do one moult.’
    • ‘Female vapourer moths may not be able to fly, but they are egg-laying machines.’
    • ‘When the eggs hatch, the young caterpillars first eat the eggs, then disperse on threads of silk (hence the name ‘vapourer’).’