Definition of vaporous in English:



  • See vapour

    • ‘Believing plague to be spread by swampland air, Doni described the most dangerous air as ‘heavy, humid, dense, vaporous, and never illuminated by the sun.’’
    • ‘Her vision was blurred, but she could faintly see the vaporous cloud hovering above her.’
    • ‘For a long moment, the woman simply stared straight at them, unmoving, slowly inhaling the excess smoke from her dwindling cigarette, the smoke entwining her features like a vaporous cloud of fog on a snowy evening.’
    • ‘A halo of vaporous lead around a bullet hole indicates discharge of a weapon from a distance of 12 to 18 inches.’
    • ‘The morning sun was hazy, filtering first through low winter clouds, then through the bedroom window blinds, filling the room with a tepid, vaporous half-light.’