Definition of vaporizer in English:


(British vaporiser)


  • A device that generates a particular substance in the form of vapour, especially for medicinal inhalation.

    • ‘Essential oils can be added to bath water, dropped onto a tissue or handkerchief, added to a vaporiser, or used in massage lotions.’
    • ‘Putting a vaporizer or humidifier in your child's room may help him breathe.’
    • ‘Use a vaporizer at night to keep your nasal passages from drying out.’
    • ‘Using a cool-mist vaporizer to humidify the air may help soothe irritated breathing passages and relieve coughing.’
    • ‘Try sitting the child in a steamy bathroom, using a vaporiser or placing a damp towel near a radiator to create moist air.’
    atomizer, aerosol, sprinkler
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