Definition of vanity table in English:

vanity table


  • A dressing table.

    • ‘He was watching from the vanity table near her bed.’
    • ‘The vanity table was made of maple, and the oval mirror reminded her of Alice's looking glass.’
    • ‘There was a bed, a dresser, a vanity table, a tall mirror, and an adjoining bathroom.’
    • ‘After she finished dressing, she returned to her vanity table and, almost mechanically, put on eyeshadow, blush, mascara and lipgloss.’
    • ‘She threw it on her bed and went to her vanity table, searching through the drawers for the makeup her mother would want her to wear.’
    • ‘Against the wall was a small couch; on the opposite wall, a vanity table with a large mirror, and a writing desk with the wardrobe closet next to it.’
    • ‘Jenn was admiring herself in the mirror at her vanity table.’
    • ‘I smoothed my white blouse and searched for hair stuff on the vanity table.’
    • ‘I sat at the vanity table tugging a brush through my limp hair, to no avail.’
    • ‘Sighing to herself, she sat down at the vanity table and looked at her reflection.’
    • ‘She got up from her bed and made her way towards the vanity table in her room.’
    • ‘Evelyn turned from her vanity table to face them both.’
    • ‘There is nothing more feminine, this story says, than a closet full of drop-dead dresses and a vanity table littered with rouges: in other words, disguise.’
    • ‘On the opposite side of her room was a vanity table with a large mirror.’
    • ‘There, Eliza sat at the vanity table and opened the envelope.’
    • ‘There was a vanity table and a desk that both had a pair of beautifully crafted candle holders that matched with the candle holder on the bedside table.’
    • ‘There was a delicately made chest of drawers and a vanity table.’
    • ‘Sighing, she lifted a hairbrush off her vanity table and brushed her hair with brisk, methodical strokes.’
    • ‘There was a wardrobe in the corner of the room where I could hang my gowns and a dark-stained dresser sat by the vanity table where I could keep all of my petticoats and other such undergarments.’
    • ‘Eva sat at her vanity table, brushing her long dark hair, absent-mindedly, thinking of other things.’