Definition of vanishingly in English:



  • as submodifier In such a manner or to such a degree as almost to become invisible, non-existent, or negligible.

    ‘an event of vanishingly small probability’
    • ‘With conflicting forensic evidence, the Crown's case was bolstered by an eminent paediatrician testifying that the chances of two cot deaths happening in this family was a vanishingly small 1 in 73 million.’
    • ‘From nearly 3% in 2000, his share of the national vote evaporated this year to a third of a percentage point, a political presence so vanishingly small that the Democrats are not even bothering this time to blame him for their loss.’
    • ‘He said he could not absolutely exclude it as a theoretical possibility, but added: ‘If you look at the population at large, if this happened at all it must be vanishingly rare.’’
    • ‘The number of divas who can hit the f6 in Mozart's Queen of the Night is vanishingly small, and you just can't perform The Queen of the Night without that famous f6.’
    • ‘I think the evidence for that is vanishingly small.’
    • ‘It strikes me as vanishingly unlikely that most of the seniors ordering from Canada actually could not pay for their drugs any other way.’
    • ‘My first impression is this: vanishingly few people are objective about the election.’
    • ‘In other words, it seems vanishingly unlikely.’
    • ‘My hopes of ever achieving the dreams of my youth - career, family, home - are vanishingly small.’
    • ‘Compared to the thousands of new books published each year, and hundreds of thousands more already in or out of print, 52 seems like a vanishingly small number.’
    • ‘There can be few children more wanted than an IVF child so the chances of such a child being mistreated in some way by its parents are vanishingly small.’
    • ‘He concluded that the chances the documents were written in 1972 are ‘so vanishingly small as to be indistinguishable from zero.’’
    • ‘Ten years ago, misuse of rifles of any sort, especially of our type was vanishingly small.’
    • ‘Nuclear power produces abundant power from small amounts of material, at small external costs, even when one accounts for the vanishingly small probability of accidents and the cost of waste disposal.’
    • ‘The vast majority of psychiatric patients are responsible for their behaviour, both morally and legally, as shown by the vanishingly small numbers of individuals ever found not guilty by reason of insanity in court.’
    • ‘There may be other life forms out there in the universe, and possibly even in this galaxy, but the chances of us finding them or even of us knowing what they are if we tripped over them, seem vanishingly small to me.’
    • ‘With serious cases of lead poisoning becoming vanishingly rare, however, such lawsuits have dried up.’
    • ‘Software used in teams usually fails to take hold, because it requires everyone on the team to change the way they work simultaneously, something which anthropologists will tell you is vanishingly unlikely.’
    • ‘Outside (certain parts of) science, vanishingly few deep thinkers win a Nobel Prize.’
    • ‘Paid bloggers are a vanishingly small percentage of the entire blogging population, and will almost certainly continue to be so.’