Definition of vanga in English:


(also vanga shrike)


  • A songbird similar to the shrike, found in Madagascar.

    Family Vangidae: several genera and species

    • ‘Rufous vangas live in groups of four to eight, and may join in mixed-species feeding flocks with other vangas or with bird species other than vangas.’
    • ‘This species, like all vangas is endemic to Madagascar, where it is found only in the northeast.’
    • ‘Traditionally, vangas were considered to be an endemic family to Madagascar, with just 14 species.’
    • ‘We'll see endemic birds like vangas of many types, couas, asitys, weavers, jerys, sunbirds, and Blue Pigeons.’
    • ‘The coral-billed nuthatch belongs to a family of birds called the vanga shrikes, found only on Madagascar.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin (genus name), from Latin, literally ‘mattock’ (because of the shape of the bill).