Definition of valueless in English:



  • Having no value; worthless.

    ‘cherished but valueless heirlooms’
    • ‘Doing so would mean that a product that has a value becomes valueless.’
    • ‘They are now telling us our previous life experience is valueless.’
    • ‘To her, and many of her classmates, some of the traditional values are almost valueless and not worth mentioning.’
    • ‘The thinking goes like this: with the job markets rendering many first degrees valueless, graduates from redbrick universities can come to Oxford to get their master's qualifications.’
    • ‘There are worse things to take into adulthood than a student debt - such as a valueless degree, and an impoverished outlook on life.’
    • ‘If, however, on offering this product no consumers can be found to purchase this tricycle, it is economically valueless, regardless of the misdirected effort that I had expended upon it.’
    • ‘Even idle speculation may not be quite valueless if it is recognized for what it is.’
    • ‘I have seen people drop these and larger denominations of coins in the supermarket and not bother to pick them up as they are essentially considered valueless.’
    • ‘Punishment for its own sake is always a valueless process, which corrects nothing and only serves to vent the pent-up rage of the person or people inflicting it.’
    • ‘It's fine to have compensation, but after three or four year it's valueless.’
    • ‘Yes, design competitions are often flawed, but I did say flawed and not utterly misguided and valueless or irredeemably corrupt.’
    • ‘The evidence as to the soil samples I regard as valueless in so far as it relates to the acid herbicides, since the laboratory that carried out the analysis considered that the results were inconclusive.’
    • ‘So, just who are these people who think that I am valueless?’
    • ‘Over time, your plan will shrink, and in the worst cases end up valueless.’
    • ‘Experiences are so often described as ‘life-changing’ that the adjective seems clichéd, almost valueless.’
    • ‘Don't just write off negative comments as being valueless because they are from people who ‘don't understand’ - that's the oldest trick in the sulky teenager's book.’
    • ‘But that does not mean that non-operable forest is valueless.’
    • ‘Having bought her own home, she now accepts it is valueless, and is desperate to go into a council flat.’
    • ‘They're worthless as commodities, but not valueless to humankind.’
    • ‘It is one thing to strive to be ‘value free’ in the scholarship we produce, but quite another to be valueless in the face of attacks on universal standards.’
    worthless, of no value, of no financial value, of little value, of negligible value, trifling
    pointless, useless, to no purpose, no use, of no use, unprofitable, profitless, futile, vain, in vain, to no avail, to no effect, fruitless, senseless, unproductive, purposeless, idle, worthless, ineffective, unavailing, nugatory, unrewarding, thankless
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