Definition of vac in English:



  • 1British

    another term for vacation
    • ‘If I don't start my vac work soon, it's just not gonna get done.’
    • ‘Our Year 12 students have begun their study vac in preparation for their upcoming exams.’
    • ‘Barely a mile from my home, in the riotously expensive Dulwich Village, the cards advertise language lessons for the kids on vac.’
    • ‘The First Minister has returned from his vacs in Italy.’
    • ‘The youths are down from college for the long vac.’
    • ‘I had emptied the fridge, and left it on over the vac only for someone else to turn it off and plug my heater in instead.’
    • ‘Pretending to your parents that you are being cultured during the summer, and surely warranting a college vac grant, you can study the art history at the Dawn of the Renaissance for seven and a half hours each week.’
    • ‘The European Theatre Group are back from their Christmas vac Shakespeare tour.’
    • ‘Told by his Professor that he was ‘stupid’ for not doing any work during his first vac, he was deemed to be beyond the help of the college's peer counselling services.’
    • ‘I decided to travel back to Oxford during the Easter vac.’
  • 2

    another term for vacuum cleaner
    • ‘I put on the kettle for a nice cup of tea and got the vac out.’
    • ‘Base models of bagless vacs can be purchased for around $80.00 and do not require the use and changing of a bag.’
    • ‘I borrowed a shop vac and sucked up everything that wasn't nailed down.’
    • ‘I want one of the bagless vacs.’
    • ‘He took the vac outside, got the extension cord out, hooked it all up and ran it all the way to the car.’