Definition of V-six in English:


(also V-6)


  • A motor vehicle with a six cylinder V-engine.

    • ‘Twin V-eights, an upgrade over the standard 4.3ltr V-sixes, provide more than enough sportiness to satisfy weekend warriors.’
    • ‘Those motors have been rated as one of the top five V-sixes for many years now, taking top place several times.’
    • ‘Either outside bank of three cylinders would form a V-six type engine, taken together with the middle bank.’
    • ‘I kept it as quiet as possible since loud V-sixes sound pretty ‘tinny’ I feel that keeping the V-6 quiet helps the overall sound.’
    • ‘I've seen twin spark plugs used in the current V-sixes, eights and twelves but I understand the eights and twelves did not have this type ignition when the V-six was introduced.’
    • ‘In Britain there were 1.6 and 2.0-litre V-four models going right up to the three-liter V-six.’