Definition of utilize in English:


(British utilise)


[with object]
  • Make practical and effective use of.

    ‘vitamin C helps your body utilize the iron present in your diet’
    • ‘So how can we make sure the nutrients we take in are being utilized to the greatest efficiency?’
    • ‘I just want to thank him for utilizing his position in the public eye to say what needs to be said.’
    • ‘How can mass media be effectively utilized to propagate and promote a culture of peace?’
    • ‘So let's make the best of it and utilize the present time to the fullest - go for gold!’
    • ‘Yet, despite the minister's assurance, the railway as solution to the public transportation problem could only be effective if the travelling public utilises the train.’
    • ‘The government is not utilizing its resources in terms of what the country needs at this particular point in time.’
    • ‘Until that vision becomes a reality the club must squeeze out as much as they can from utilising the present facilities.’
    • ‘It also wants to see the slipway at Westport Quay being better utilised than at present.’
    • ‘The aim of judo is to utilize physical and mental strength most effectively.’
    • ‘A health status questionnaire was utilized to determine eligibility for participation in the study.’
    • ‘Since we are more effectively utilizing our manpower, we can then optimally man our units.’
    • ‘Fluorescence has been utilized for many purposes, the most obvious being fluorescent lamps.’
    • ‘The courts and the commissions could then utilize all this information to make their decisions.’
    • ‘Consulting psychiatrists were utilized in conjunction with the in-home treatment.’
    • ‘The firm will utilise the rail network more effectively between Reading and London Paddington.’
    • ‘After the war he utilised this fiction to present himself as politically guiltless.’
    • ‘We're utilizing the helicopters in some of the rough areas to get into those deep, steep canyons.’
    • ‘If you want to be taken seriously, get an education and get a job that utilizes your brain and not your body.’
    • ‘Greenpeace argues that alternative energy sources such as wind power should be utilised more effectively.’
    • ‘The Allies had to mobilise and utilise their large resources effectively on the battlefield and in the air.’
    make use of, put to use, use, employ, avail oneself of, have recourse to, resort to, look to, bring into service, press into service, take advantage of, exploit, milk, tap, turn to account, bring into play, bring into effective action, deploy
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Early 19th century: from French utiliser, from Italian utilizzare, from utile (see utile).