Definition of utility vehicle in English:

utility vehicle

(also utility truck)


  • A truck with low sides designed for carrying small loads.

    • ‘Its energy policy does very little to ensure greater fuel economy in cars or sports utility vehicles.’
    • ‘The slashing of duty on steel, from 15 to 10 per cent, was to result in a marginal reduction in the cost of cars and utility vehicles.’
    • ‘The governments of the UK and Germany signed a contract in November 1999 for the collaborative development and initial production of the family of next generation armoured utility vehicles.’
    • ‘In the rearview mirror, Ivan could see more security vehicles with flashing blue lights, this time cars, not bulky utility vehicles.’
    • ‘Parked outside the front door was a utility vehicle with a seal on the side, marking it as government-issue.’
    • ‘Production of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans and sports utility vehicles, expanded 33.3 per cent in May from the same month last year.’
    • ‘More energy-efficient than a truck and fun to drive, all-terrain utility vehicles are perfect machines for farm, garden and small-scale forestry work.’
    • ‘Still, this is a utility vehicle, so one of the things that they've done is to integrate a multitude of storage and cargo capabilities.’
    • ‘Modern farmers and ranchers have discovered the efficiency of using ATVs as utility vehicles for driving around their property.’
    • ‘Sport racing ATVs also have a lighter weight design than utility vehicles for quicker movements.’
    • ‘This year, for example, Americans actually bought more petrol-guzzling trucks and sports utility vehicles than cars.’
    • ‘Small-engine sedans, sports and utility vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and trucks are currently the best-selling motor vehicles.’
    • ‘Foreign manufacturers that had broken into the American market in the 1970s joined Detroit in supplying less fuel-efficient minivans, pickups, and sports utility vehicles to eager buyers.’
    • ‘But its worldwide sales are stagnating: between 1998 and last year, they rose only 100,000 units to 2.3 million cars and utility vehicles.’
    • ‘CarMax will stock more than 400 late-model used cars, trucks, minivans and sports utility vehicles.’
    • ‘Drivers and passengers of utility vehicles and golf cars need to follow the same precautions as one would in their own motor vehicles.’
    • ‘No utility vehicles or emergency vehicles could get down here.’
    • ‘Their goods are then packed and carried to the shops by a utility truck.’
    • ‘Cars, trucks and sports utility vehicles pulled up with donations of food, drinks, clothes, toiletries.’
    • ‘Better a cheap and cheerful hatchback in today's urban environment than any number of overdressed sports utility vehicles or family van units with pointlessly detachable seats.’
    pickup truck, utility truck
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