Definition of utility pole in English:

utility pole


North American
  • A tall pole used to carry telephone wires and other utility lines above the ground; a telegraph pole.

    • ‘Most favor Joshua trees for their nests, but many have discovered utility poles and ornamental trees.’
    • ‘The fact is, though, that the design considerations associated with the installation of utility poles are vastly different from those associated with the installation of a structure.’
    • ‘When we got to the place where the black wires hung from the utility poles to coil in the snowy roadbed like snakes, we whistled up the dogs and turned around.’
    • ‘Over the last two decades, Wayne tore down thousands of illegal fliers tacked on fences, traffic lights and utility poles.’
    • ‘During the breeding season, Upland Sandpipers often perch on fence posts or utility poles.’
    • ‘Even in semi-rural and urban neighborhoods, they can be placed on utility poles or adjacent to homes with large yards.’
    • ‘The white bed sheet, punctured and strung between a tree and a utility pole, carries just a few words of hand-painted Arabic script.’
    • ‘Such advertisements are expected to remain at bus stops and on utility poles for the foreseeable future.’
    • ‘At present, operators are charged about $4 to attach cables to utility poles.’
    • ‘Where the two companies vary is in how they connect the Internet to your home from the utility pole or power line out back.’
    • ‘First, power companies have to mount boxes on certain utility poles to deliver data signals.’
    • ‘The birds are even spreading their distribution range south and southwest into treeless plains where they nest exclusively on utility poles.’
    • ‘At the time, police said the explosions appeared to have occurred when grenades inside a car went off when the car hit a trash can outside the general's home and then slammed into a utility pole near the housing complex.’
    • ‘When they put in the new utility pole today they busted a buried water main.’
    • ‘The bad weather caused extensive damage to a critical utility pole carrying two 66 kilovolt lines and other sub-transmission lines transferring power to areas in the east.’
    • ‘Near the outhouse, a tangle of wires snakes out of the roofs and is attached to a utility pole.’
    • ‘Grabbing up his own rifle, he quickly put several rounds into the transformer on the utility pole, nodding in satisfaction when it blew.’
    • ‘They may start out infesting the fence surrounding your property, the woodpile out back or even the utility pole across the street.’
    • ‘I suspect that most of us are accustomed to seeing utility poles with wires and mysterious gadgets on top, but I suppose the addition of the cellular boxes tips the poles over the edge of not blending in.’
    • ‘On the northern road out of town, he has placed white memorial crosses on the utility poles, commemorating those who couldn't complete the journey.’