Definition of utensil in English:



  • A tool, container, or other article, especially for household use.

    ‘kitchen utensils’
    • ‘Natasha left me with a pad of paper and some writing utensils, some colored wax, and I've taken to drawing.’
    • ‘Kitchen utensils are usually of earthenware and are made by the village potters.’
    • ‘The inside kitchen had a propane-fuelled stove and most of the utensils had been kicking around for generations.’
    • ‘Take the time to put your tools and gardening utensils away for their long winter's nap too.’
    • ‘Finally putting down his writing utensil, he leaned forward slightly, resting on his elbows.’
    • ‘In keeping with the medieval theme, there are no utensils, or at least no forks.’
    • ‘Children must bring along all other utensils needed to do the competition.’
    • ‘It also sells a wide range of household utensils as well as a selection of unusual jewellery.’
    • ‘Frowning, the teacher slowly picked up the writing utensil, rewriting the equation for me and showing me the step I'd managed to forget to do.’
    • ‘Clay utensils, items made of bamboo and coconut shell and handicraft items are also available here.’
    • ‘The kitchenette was cramped and equipped with basic culinary utensils.’
    • ‘My mom had left her apartment with only rugs and a kitchen full of canned food and broken utensils.’
    • ‘He also pointed out that students were forced to wash utensils used for preparing food in various schools.’
    • ‘However, a museum contains examples of the traditional tools and utensils used on the island.’
    • ‘At all times, make sure that knives and other dangerous utensils are out of their reach.’
    • ‘The group took a city tour to a number of places specializing in selling cooking utensils and bakery supplies.’
    • ‘She had already been into town that day to buy new cutlery and kitchen utensils.’
    • ‘He would make everyday utensils, such as spoons and bowls, and even made a 24-blade knife.’
    • ‘When the busboy brought our water and utensils, I noticed he also had a spoon in his shirt pocket.’
    • ‘I cleaned the drawers again, put the utensils in one and the pot holders in another.’
    implement, tool, instrument, device, apparatus, gadget, appliance, machine, contrivance, contraption, mechanism, aid
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Late Middle English (denoting domestic implements or vessels collectively): from Old French utensile, from medieval Latin, neuter of Latin utensilis ‘usable’, from uti ‘to use’ (see use).