Definition of usucaption in English:


(also usucapion)


mass nounLaw
  • The acquisition of a title or right to property by uninterrupted and undisputed possession for a prescribed term.

    • ‘A slave, undoubtedly, can be the instrument of possession and usucapion for a bona fide possessor.’
    • ‘The tax is levied on the net value of property and money, excluding debts, acquired through inheritance, gift or usucaption.’
    • ‘It would be wise to have a closer look when someone is buying land based solely on usucaption since he might find himself in trouble when someone else in the future alleges that the plot is his.’
    • ‘Those rights of sovereignty which can he separated from it, or shared with others, are gained and lost by right of ownership based on usucaption or on prescription.’
    • ‘Among the most frequently registered legal facts, there are purchase and sale businesses, mortgage agreement, donation, and so on, and facts as succession for death, usucapion, and accession.’


Mid 17th century: from medieval Latin usucaptio(n-), from usucapere ‘acquire by prescription’, from usu ‘by use’ + capere ‘take’.