Definition of usual in English:



  • Habitually or typically occurring or done; customary.

    ‘he carried out his usual evening routine’
    ‘their room was a shambles as usual’
    • ‘Over the next two weeks I went back to my usual routine of going to work and marking homework when I got home.’
    • ‘As a result, when a brand promotes it should generate more sales than usual.’
    • ‘I follow my usual routine - a healthy breakfast followed by a long soak in the bath.’
    • ‘Car club members pay a monthly subscription and then hire by the hour for less than usual car hire rates.’
    • ‘It's usual practice for companies to inform customers when they are disconnecting them.’
    • ‘Set aside an appointment that is longer than usual, so there is time to deal with a patient's concerns.’
    • ‘The closure is accompanied by the usual claptrap about improving customer service.’
    • ‘This has resulted in more visitors than usual deciding to head North for their holiday.’
    • ‘However, the monsoons were heavier than usual, and prevented the fleet from sailing.’
    • ‘I told Megan that it was just a cold, but as usual she got worried and told me to visit the doctor.’
    • ‘The school also taught French but, as was usual at this time, not much science.’
    • ‘The usual terms and conditions apply.’
    • ‘A council spokesman said it was usual practice for such matters to be decided in closed meetings.’
    • ‘It was a superb meal and up to the restaurant's usual high standard of cuisine, service and atmosphere.’
    • ‘We had a bit of a chat and as usual Eric had me laughing like a drain with his dry observations on life.’
    • ‘It was a nice break from the usual routine and it gave me time to think and I feel so much better for it.’
    • ‘I went to work today and it was a slower than usual day because the patient turnout was low.’
    • ‘As usual I want to find out about a subject, but am short on the time and energy to do the searching myself.’
    • ‘As usual the forecast was wrong and it rained all day but despite this, we had a very good time.’
    • ‘As usual Megan began eating her food quickly whereas I just played with it and only ate a little bit.’
    habitual, customary, accustomed, wonted, normal, routine, regular, constant, standard, typical, established, recognized, set, fixed, settled, stock, conventional, traditional, orthodox, accepted, expected, predictable, familiar, average, general, ordinary, everyday, daily, quotidian
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  • 1The thing which is typically done or present.

    ‘the band was a bit sick of playing all the usuals’
    • ‘Other than that it's just been the usual - I got bored, and read rubbish on the internet.’
    • ‘I gathered my things while saying my good-byes to the usuals and walked out the door.’
    • ‘It didn't seem normal this year since we were missing three of the usuals.’
    • ‘I chat with the moms about school, feeding, the usuals.’
    • ‘It was my first proper night there since Hugo's birth and the usuals were present - Isabella, Jeremy, Jack and Duncan with two new faces as well.’
    • ‘This Cork-based solicitor's site has more information about its areas of practice (the usuals plus intellectual property and shipping) than most websites created by firms of that size.’
    • ‘I see a lot of our usuals have brought their friends.’
    1. 1.1the/one's usualinformal The drink one habitually prefers.
      ‘‘My usual, please,’ she said to the barman’
      • ‘‘We haven't been here in ages, they've almost forgotten our usuals,’ Elizabeth said sadly.’
      • ‘Looking for a quick bite another time I am in the area, maybe I too will be asked if I would like my usual!’
      • ‘They stopped at the pub, Emily ordering her usual.’


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from late Latin usualis, from Latin usus ‘a use’ (see use).