Definition of Ustashe in English:


(also Ustashi, Ustashas)

plural noun

  • treated as singular or plural The members of a Croatian extreme nationalist movement that engaged in terrorist activity before the Second World War and ruled Croatia with Nazi support after Yugoslavia was invaded and divided by the Germans in 1941.

    • ‘Mussolini's Italy was in cahoots with the Ustashe.’
    • ‘He was an admirer of the Ustashe Nazi collaborators in World War II.’
    • ‘The Ustashe seized power in Croatia with Mussolini's support and proclaimed the Independent State of Croatia.’
    • ‘The activities of the Ustashi shocked even the SS.’
    • ‘The fascist Ustashe eliminated thousands of Jews, Serbians, and unsympathetic Croatians.’


Croatian Ustaše ‘rebels’.