Definition of user interface in English:

user interface


  • The means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input devices and software.

    • ‘They may be computer scientists with a user interface or information systems background.’
    • ‘This new system will separate the data, presentation, and logic of the user interface.’
    • ‘The feature set is rich, with a user interface that your users will find intuitive.’
    • ‘That meant both the user interface and the database structure had to be different for each trial.’
    • ‘It generally helps a user interface, but there are no guarantees in interface design.’
    • ‘A simple change to the user interface that used graphics in place of menus made all the difference.’
    • ‘You can always customize the user interface further to better suit your specific needs.’
    • ‘We could wish for more friendly language in several parts of the user interface.’
    • ‘We haven't begun to focus on a polished user interface, the current user interface is a placeholder.’
    • ‘The overall user interface has been streamlined a bit and made more consistent.’
    • ‘You can actually add a button with an exit function to the user interface.’
    • ‘The user interface has been enhanced to improve its visual perception and convenience.’
    • ‘The controllers can be operated in local mode via a user interface and in a remote mode via a wireless connection.’
    • ‘The user interface is simple and you can navigate around the system with as few clicks as necessary.’
    • ‘The key to their technology, however, is a unique user interface, which allows the small screen to show a full PC display.’
    • ‘The user interface, while again somewhat limited, is also elegant in its simplicity.’
    • ‘Some players of the original game were initially put off by the user interface.’
    • ‘The sound output is excellent, and the user interface for the audio player is intuitive.’
    • ‘Changes to the user interface are the ones you tend to notice first and most.’
    • ‘The browser is available free of charge thanks to a sponsored advertising in the user interface.’