Definition of user-generated in English:



  • Denoting or relating to material on a website that is voluntarily contributed by members of the public who use the site.

    ‘good user-generated content is almost always the product of an enthusiastic and cohesive online community’
    • ‘Executives are embracing user-generated sites, encouraging amateur talent to upload photos and videos.’
    • ‘Much of what is on the site is user-generated material, posted by pranksters and budding auteurs, politicians and video diarists seeking attention rather than money.’
    • ‘The CDDB is a huge user-generated database of information related to music CDs: album titles, songs, artist information, genre, and about 50 other attributes.’
    • ‘They will be able to pass clips on to one another and, at some point in the future, post user-generated material back on to the BBC's website.’
    • ‘If your website has user-generated content, you need to pay attention to what users are doing.’
    • ‘Either way, I predict this concept - user-generated news - is going to increase in size and importance, worldwide.’
    • ‘There are other questions surrounding the project, including whether it will get enough video from users in the first place to warrant the "user-generated" tag.’
    • ‘It's a site for trading user-generated playlists.’
    • ‘So who's going to make money off all this great user-generated content?’
    • ‘The report points out the 10 million user-generated videos copying "Gangnam Style" by South-Korean musician Psy that were created on YouTube after the original song was released and went viral.’