Definition of usefulness in English:



  • [mass noun] The quality or fact of being useful.

    ‘faults that affect the book's usefulness’
    • ‘In the light of this we want to question the usefulness and convenience of maintaining this on the agenda.’
    • ‘Vases, for example, derive their value from their usefulness or desirability for humans.’
    • ‘Police today cast doubt on the usefulness of over-the-counter drug testing kits to detect spiked drinks.’
    • ‘We throw away stuff not because it's outlived its usefulness or functionality but its novelty.’
    • ‘In other areas of design, a noticeable attractiveness is thought to be relevant as well as usefulness and usability.’
    functionality, practicality, serviceability, fitness, adequacy, handiness, neatness, convenience, utility, use, effectiveness, efficacy
    value, worth, merit, success
    benefits, advantages, helpfulness, good, avail, help, assistance
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